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Hello and welcome Nicktoons fans! Welcome to the Nicktoons Unite! Wiki! Here you shall learn all the info you need on the Nicktoons Unite! series! Currently we are under construction, so we shall be working on badges, pages and the overall layout of the wiki. 


This wiki is quite new, so we have a severe lack of pages. Want to help out? Just click here!

Help Wanted

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We need moderators and admins, people who can keep tranquility to this wiki and stop trolls and spammers. If you want to become an admin, please contact the wiki creator Ratchet941 and explain why you want to be an admin and why you should be.


I, Ratchet941, have created 2 other wikis and I have had some bad experience with trolls and spammers on both, so please follow these basic rules and everything will be fine:

1. No False Information

This is supposed to be a wiki to help people with this series. Please do not add anything to the pages that is not true. First we will let you off with a warning, but if you keep it up you will be banned from the wiki for a short period of time.

2. Keep Game Ideas and Fan Stories to Blogs

Like I said above, this is a wiki that's supposed to help people, so if you have any ideas for new Nicktoons Unite! games or fan stories on the series, please keep them to user blogs. If you make a fan story or fan game idea a whole, it will be deleted so be wary.

3. Respect Others

Please don't be rude. This wiki is supposed to be a fun wiki, so please Nicdon't be rude. If you threaten a user or use obscene language, you will be baned from the wiki for a short time.

4. Don't Post Anything Graphic or Sexual

This is a wiki for a series of E Rated Cartoon Nickelodeon games, so anything that involves sexual or graphic content will not be accepted. If you do, the content will be deleted you shall be banned for a short period of time.

Our Wiki Friends

Here at the Nicktoons Unite!  wiki, we have friends with others wikis. Here are current affiliates: